Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Fire

Here is a poem that I wrote a few years back that I thought I would post here for you to read.

The Fire

By Bo Tipton

Come my brothers and sisters,
come everyone of Mother Earth.
Come and sit by the fire
with the night surrounding us.

Watch the flames push the smoke
upward toward the Creator.
Our hope is deep
as we send these prayers
to ride the smoke.

Sit quietly, listen to the sound of the wind,
hear the crackling of the fire,
the sound of family and friends,
share their happiness.

The warmth we feel comes
from this sharing of love,
not just from the fire.

Look closely into each others eyes.
What do we see?
What we see in their eyes
is that which has made us who we are.

Close your eyes my brothers and sisters,
and listen to the wind,
see the flames lift higher.
Listen to the songs of our ancestors.

The songs offer so much when
we open our hearts to their words.
Only if we listen and
learn from their wisdom,
can we grow as a people.

Inhale the aromas around you,
smell the wood burning,
the rain in the air
and the smell of Mother Earth.

The drum begans to reach deep into our spirits
and as our hearts join the drum
the drums beat shakes Mother Earth
like when the buffalo and deer ran.
Reminding Mother Earth that
we remember and still care.

Taste what has come to our lips.
Taste the tears of joy that come from our eyes.
They are the tears of the past, present and the future.

Then we realize, that like the drum
that beat so strong,
the beat of our own hearts
are uniting as one people
in Peace, Love and Harmony…

Grandfather Eagle has a gift.
It is a glimpse of the future,
because we remember and learn
it is good.