Saturday, April 18, 2009

Elders Teachings Each Day

For those of you that are into learning from Native American Elders there is a great daily meditation put out each day by an organization called You can get the daily meditations in your email by subscribing here

It is a great service and I enjoy reading them each day. Makes me stop and think sometimes which is good. Take a minute and read about what whitebison does. I believe in what they are doing and support them.

Here is the meditation for today April 18, 2009

Elder's Meditation of the Day - April 18
"Our people don't come in parts. Either you are Indian, or you are not."
--Nippawanock, ARAPAHOE

We really need to take a look at how Indian People are talking about Indian People. We say there are Rez Indians, Traditional Indians, Urban Indians and Breeds. This type of thinking will keep us separated. An Indian is an Indian, a brother is a brother, a sister is a sister. We are all related. Today, let us respect ourselves and our people. Today, let me realize Indians are Indians.

Great Spirit, let me see the Unity of the People. Indians are Indians.


Anonymous said...

Just as the beauty of an Eagel is an Eagel. We need to all unite as one family, as the roots of a great Oak come together to feed and give the Oak it's strength and beauty.

Bren said...

Wonderful... Great to meet you on Twitter!

Bo Tipton said...

Thanks Bren glad to have you here