Thursday, May 14, 2009

I've lsot my keys. No, you haven't they are right in front of you

How many times have you declared something lost (like your keys), scoured the whole house and then found what you were looking for directly in front of you? It happens regularly, and is almost invariably associated with the words: "It's lost, I can't find it".

How can it be that something clearly sitting on the table in front of you seems to disappear? Something you were sure was in your pocket. But even after emptying your pockets you find nothing. Later, after you've forgotten about it, you find what you were looking for right there in your pocket.

It's really all about belief and expectation. Belief and expectation is what makes your life happen the way it does. In the same way that if you believe your keys are lost you wont see them, if you do not believe something, you will not see the evidence to back it up. Your beliefs have not come to you overnight, they are the process of years of life and millions of thoughts, the same is true of your expectations.

If, rather than saying, "I've lost my keys", you could distract yourself for ten minutes and forget that you'd lost them, they would probably show up. This is easier said than done, but it does work. If you continue to think and believe that your keys are lost, or that you are always losing your keys, then they will continue to elude you, because as far as you believe, they are lost.

Not very often do people take this simple common example and extrapolate it further. The main topics we are all interested in are Love, Health and Wealth, and our beliefs on these subjects are very important to us. If you have been convinced by the world around you that you are ugly, unlovable, poor, stupid or fat, and you hold these beliefs, then it will be difficult to be other than this without changing your beliefs. Furthermore, you may be asking the universe for things to help you get out of this predicament, and still missing all the opportunities that come along, because your beliefs mean that you can't see them.

If you think that as you get older, your body is going to age and wrinkle and deteriorate until you are in hospital with plastic tubes up your nose, this will probably be your experience. It needn't be this way, however. If, because of a string of bad relationship, you are always left by your lover for someone else, your belief will attract men who help you to reinforce this belief. Admittedly some of our beliefs are formed by the lives that we live, but we can can change them with a little effort. What kind of beliefs do you hold on the subjects that are important to you? Do you believe that to become rich you have to put others down, that you must work long and hard at a job that you dislike? Do you like these beliefs and where they're leading you?

As far as life is concerned, we get to choose, and the world will back up our beliefs with solid evidence. Those who rise above the masses and excel in their chosen field understand this. They invariably have strong, unwavering minds, and an ability to focus on subjects which are important to them, on things that they want. They also have a determination to keep at it no matter what. This trained focus on thoughts forms their beliefs, which they end up living.

If what I'm saying is true (and of course it is), then we can decide what we want to believe, and live it. It is true that you will end up living your beliefs, but beliefs are formed over a long period of time and it takes focus and training of the mind over time to change beliefs, and as the majority spend most of their time focussed upon what is happening around them rather than what they would prefer, the evolutionary progress of society as individuals, is inevitably slowed.

A belief is a thought that you keep thinking long enough that it becomes the place you go to most readily on whatever subject. So as you focus on a thought long enough, you start to attract evidence that backs it up, and eventually, you believe it yourself and start living it in your life. You set the tone with your thinking and beliefs and let the world show you stuff that matches it. Most people do this the other way round, observe and get more of what they are observing etc.

When things are looking a bit wobbly economically, it is important to keep an eye on where we want to go, and not get so bogged down in the detail. Unfortunately the UK press is about the worst offender when it comes to depressing, negative news anywhere in the world. If you want to know why our recession is worse than any other, look no further. If you don't look at where you want to go, you will not move in that direction. Argue all you want for reasons why you can't do something, but know that they are your limitations, and yours alone. Realise that you alone are in charge of your life, and you need to focus on what you want, to get to where you want to go.

If most of the UK believe we're in a recession, then we are in recession. If most believe that we're recovering, then the economy is on the mend. What is economy if not the people's perception of value? It may be happening on a grass roots level, with individuals living their own lives, their own little recessions, but if millions think similarly, you have a recession. That doesn't mean that there is no money available, but that through their beliefs, people literally cannot see opportunities that lie right in front of them, because their beliefs say otherwise. If you're convinced that nobody loves you, your ideal life partner could come up to you, showing clear interest in you, and you wouldn't have a clue what was going on. You wouldn't be able to see it, even if it was right in front of your nose.

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